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How best to manage a NO neck?

How best to manage a NO neck? The Head & Neck Academic Centre at UCL is running a series of free update lectures and evening debates. As a participant in the last SNB Conference held in London or for attending a Headstart course, we would like to draw your attention to the following.

There is a “Push Back” against SNB. Articles in the EJCMFS and the BJOMS both wish to limit the use of SNB to lesions of little consequence.

A “Conversation Evening“ has been organised between the authors of the positional paper in the EJCMFS and proponents of the SNB technique.

There is a momentous question to be addressed – is END as accurate and safe as SNB. Until now, it has been considered failsafe. New evidence suggests it misses 1 in 5 patient with occult metastasis. The question that will be discussed is “if a risk of neck metastasis is present, then what is the best approach to take – SNB or END”.

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