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Extract from: 2015 American Thyroid Association Management Guidelines for Adult Patients with Thyroid Nodules and Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

The American Thyroid Association (ATA) Guidelines Taskforce on Thyroid Nodules and Differentiated Thyroid Cancer Bryan R. Haugen, M.D.1 (Chair)*,Erik K. Alexander, M.D.2, Keith C. Bible, M.D., Ph.D.3, Gerard M. Doherty, M.D.4, Susan J. Mandel,M.D., M.P.H.5, Yuri E. Nikiforov, M.D., Ph.D.6,Furio Pacini, M.D.7, Gregory W. Randolph, M.D.8, Anna M. Sawka, M.D., Ph.D.9, Martin Schlumberger, M.D.10, Kathryn Schuff, M.D.11, Steven I. Sherman, M.D.12,Julie Ann Sosa, M.D.13, David L. Steward, M.D.14, R. Michael Tuttle, M.D.15,and Leonard Wartofsky, M.D.16 *Authors are listed in alphabetical...

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Sentinel European Node Trial (SENT): 3-year results of sentinel node biopsy in oral cancer

1. Introduction Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma is the eighth most common cancer worldwide in males and is increasing significantly amongst females [1] Approximately half the patients with oral cancer present with stage I/II disease and up to 33% [2,3] have occult cervical disease undetectable by current imaging techniques (computed tomography [CT]/magnetic resonance imaging [MRI]/ultrasound/positron-emission tomography)[4,5]. (altro…)

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